Traveling all over Greece through the magical cuisine in 8 days

One of the undeniable cultural qualities of any given place is its cuisine. Greek cuisine is a kaleidoscope of delicacies, recipes and traditions, with as many faces as the areas of the truly diverse landscape of the country.

Kos Island is home to a rich gastronomic tradition following Greek and Mediterranean routes. Despite its statues as a cosmopolitan destination, Kos Island has managed to preserve a distinct and true to its beginnings gastronomic identity. Many of the local treats are prepared in connection with religious celebrations, while the islands fertile soil and promising climate have given birth to many peculiar products and unique varieties of wine.
A trademark of the island the posa cheese or wine-cheese is prepared by allowing local goat cheese to mature submerged in red wine, granting it its famous capricious flavor.
Pligouri is notable local specialty made of lightly ground wheat, usually found accompanying pork.
The traditional beverage Kanelada is made of cinnamon and the Alefaskia a tea like herb found on the island.
Also noted for their taste are the local wines and the thyme honey.
All these treats are only a sample of what one may expect of the island’s cuisine.
Do not miss the chance to explore it

• 5 cooking classes
• Visit to Hippocrates Garden
• Visit to Olive Factory
• Visit to “Winery” and learn about local wines
• Honey Tour
• 7 nights accommodation
• Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner
Healthy and nutritious traditional Greek meals throughout the week
• Free access to Herbal tea bar


Day 1
Welcome & check in The Small Village Hotel
Swim & relax by the pool

Day 2
Breakfast by the bright terrace of Small Village restaurant.

Morning cooking class at 11:30am.

Learning the” basics” about Greek cuisine.

2 hours class during you will turn some beautiful garden tomatoes and peppers into one of the most traditional Greek recipes Taking tradition to the next level with these vegan Greek stuffed tomatoes and peppers. These “Yemista” are a healthy satisfying meal that screams the flavors of Greece!

Lunch at Small Village Restaurant

Afternoon Visit to a local winery where we will taste local wines and get in touch with the art of winemaking.

Dinner at Small Village Restaurant

Day 3


11:30 Cooking Class with recipes from Cyclades islands
The keyword is simplicity. You will prepare dishes of Cycladic cuisine like Eggplant salad and chicken with olives and Naxos gruyere We will also prepare spaghetti with eggplant sauce, with spicy flavor, fresh herbs, juicy tomatoes, and tender chunks of eggplant A naturally vegan and optionally gluten-free pasta meal that will please all appetites

Lunch at Small Village Restaurant

Afternoon Visit (17:00) to Culture center “ Hippocrates Garden”
Hippocrates Garden” is an exact replica of an Ancient Greek Settlement of 5th century B.C.
It specializes in the revival of the ancient Greek way of life at the time when the great Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, lived.
It consists of an ancient Greek house, an exact replica of a house of this period, a Philosopher s Arcade and a Stone Built Theater.

Here you will have the opportunity through a seminar to get in touch with the biggest secret of Greek cuisine: “Herbs”. Herbs are used both in Greek cooking and in the treatment of many diseases. “Your food is your medicine” are the words of Hippocrates.

Dinner at Small Village Restaurant

Day 4

11:30 Cooking Class: Pies from all over Greece

Picnic-Lunch in Plaka Forester

Afternoon we visit a local oil factory, we will see the way olives become precious oil.

Dinner at Small Village Restaurant

Day 5

11:30 Cooking Class: The basis of traditional cooking is Homemade bread.
We will also cook “katimeria “ Kos island traditional recipe ( fried cheese pies served with syrup or sugar)

Lunch at Small Village Restaurant

Afternoon visit to the Traditional House of Antimachia: an old restored house, a perfect example of a typical early 20th-century house. For its construction, materials from old houses have been used. Part of the house is the entrance which is called the good house, the living room called tavlaos (where guests used to sit), the kitchen, the stable where all the agricultural tools were kept and rooms where women used to bake the bread and work the loom.

Dinner at Small Village Restaurant

Day 6

11:30 Cooking Class: “How to cook perfect Moussaka”
This authentic, foolproof recipe won’t disappoint!
Lunch at Small Village Restaurant
Afternoon Visit to Beekeeping unit “Melissa” in Kefalos. Visitors can experience the Greek beekeeping tradition and taste natural products from the hive. They can safely watch honeybees working inside observation hives and visit the apitherapy house to relax and anti-stress! You can taste and buy unique products like honey, propolis, royal jelly, herbs, cosmetics and more from beekeepers in various flora areas of Greece!

Dinner at Small Village Restaurant

Day 7
Free Day for cruises to nearby islands / sightseeing/ sunbathing

On the last evening you will enjoy a barbecue night with Greek souvlaki & “mezedes” that will accompany our wine. You will enjoy the feast with Greek Music.

Day 8
Breakfast and check out

Things to do (optional) the rest of the day(s)
•One day trip to volcanic island of Nisyros
•Full-day lazy sail in Kalymnos and Pserimos islands
•Asklepion & Island Tour
•Therma Natural Spa beach

What’s included
• 7 nights’ accommodation
• All Cooking classes ( 5 days)
• Daily breakfast ( 7 days )
• Lunch (5 meals )
• Dinner ( 6 meals )
Healthy and nutritious traditional Greek meals throughout the week
• Free access to Herbal tea bar

What’s not included
All Optional trips
Stay over Tax
Cancellation Policy
• A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
• The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date.
• The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival

8 days / 7 nights Offer
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Price per person in Apartment for 3 persons=358 euro
Price per person in a Maisonette for 4 persons = 403 euro
Price per person in a Maisonette for 5 persons = 368 euro