It concern us all,

Major climatic changes observed in recent years around the world, have created us all deep concern for the situation of the environment today.

The devastating storms, the long periods of drought, the sudden andfrequent changes in temperature, are just some of the results of operations of the human factor in the environment, which should motivate us all.

In the context of environmental awareness, which all of us must get, we are happy to inform our customers about the “Ecological Practices”that The Small Village Hotel has adopted.

The aim of the “Ecological Practices”, is the public awareness towards to the environmental protection and the mobilization in that direction,so the environmental consciousness become a philosophy of life, because it is “Everyone’s Job”.

The Practises that applied to our Hotel are:

1) 12,6Kw Grid-connected Solar Energy System

2) Energy-efficient and energy saving lamps for lighting the Hotel

3) Electrical & electronic equipment with a certified low energy consumption

4) Avoid using electrical appliances when not needed

5) ”Rest” the devices by pulling the plug when not in use

6) Turn off the light when it is not necessary

7) Sufficient insulation of the hotel

8) Water saving devices in bathrooms

9) Special bins for recycling batteries

10) Environmentally friendly detergents

11) The Hotel has all the necessary licenses to operate

12) Biological Wastewater treatment

13) Encourage guests to reuse towels and / or linen for a stay of more than one (1) night

14) Keeping the commitment to ban smoking in public places

15) Notification to all personnel about the Hotel’s environmental protection policy

16) Seperation of hotel’s garbage in recyclable and non-recyclable and then rupture in the properly bins.